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Category: New York

Pandora’s box. Imagine a giant hand flipping the city upside down and shaking hard. These are the strange images that might fall off at random.

New York City Safari
August 1, 2016
New York, Photoblogs
With a trip to South Africa finally approaching, my year-long, city-must, day-to-day rat-race-controlling concentration is breaking up and I catch myself thinking about road...
June 26, 2016
New York, Photoblogs
At first there was one, we tracked it all night, pointing fingers like children in a zoo. Then there were two. A night later, three. Now there are so many we lose count. It's not...
May 30, 2016
New York, On the road, Photoblogs, Stories
A few months ago, while a moody winter hiccuped erratically across the Eastern Seaboard, I blew the proverbial fuse and blasted off our Brooklyn island and unto uncharted...