It took me a while to get to it, but with the help of WordPress’ awesome potential for customization, I’ve finally implemented a mobile-aware theme that should streamline and simplify your visit if you are visiting this blog on a phone.

Sadly, not owning a web-enabled phone myself, I am left to do my testing on an emulator – but as far as I can tell, it’s working well. The WPTouch plugin I am using claims to be compatible with all common mobile devices, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm OS and Samsung to name a few.

iPads are supported too, but I think the site looks much better in its full, original glory on an iPad anyway. So for those of you visiting on iPads – or on a phone but wishing to immerse themselves in the dark tones of the normal desktop skin despite some obvious formatting disadvantages – there is an option to do so at the bottom of the mobile-friendly page.

If any of you are iPhone-equipped (or other), I’d appreciate a quick test drive, and maybe a comment posted from the phone, too. Enjoy!