No, the blog isn’t dead. It hasn’t even gone into hibernation. The reason for such blatant blogging inactivity on my part is a rather productive one: I am redesigning the web site from scratch.

Ironically, Coriolistic Anachronisms isn’t being touched, having received a recent face lift which I’m still pretty content with. But everything else, especially the photo galleries, will morph. At the heart of the new site is a Flash-based set of galleries embedded into an HTML exoskeleton. I am using the brilliant SlideshowPro for this and have had to brush up on my Flash programming skills (but like bow hunting and biking skills, they never completely go away. ;-) )

The very slick Shadowbox remains both as this blog’s main slideshow engine and as the new site’s HTML page navigator. The guestbook, its script having been abandoned by the creator and criticized for its security flaws, will have to go or be replaced, I haven’t decided yet. Many new photos will populate the galleries and old ones will be removed.

Last but not least, the web site URL is going to change completely. I’ll take this in stages, using a redirect at first to allow for a seamless transition, and I will post many a reminder to upgrade your bookmarks. has done its time, paid its dues and served its purpose. In comes the new king. It will probably simply be based on my name (boring I know, but logical as a portfolio tool.)

A new section will take advantage of my yet untapped SmugMug account and will offer options for buying digital photos and prints online.

This will be, all in all, a major upgrade. So please bare bear with me, arm yourselves with patience and watch for the announcement when I go live. It should be before Christmas. I hope. ;-)