The main galleries have a new look! I have decided to keep a dark theme for the VMP gallery section as it better suits a purely photographic experience, and a light theme in here (the blog) where content is text-based.

The VMP galleries are always accessible from the menu above but if you’d like to pay it a visit now, here is your chance. I have updated the galleries with pictures featured on the blog recently and will keep refreshing the various sections with my favorite shots. Eventually, a video section should be born.

Some minor tweaking remains to be done and I will only turn full caching on once I am satisfied everything is running smoothly. Also to be bluntly honest, the site is not currently well optimized for mobile browsing as I believe one should experience photography on a large screen, not scrolling with a finger and squinting like one does for messages. Still, that will be improved soon.

Update: I actually just tweaked the CSS to help browsing on a mobile device. Still, much better viewed on a desktop!

The new look