Tonight that’s it. If there remained any doubt in some spaced out minds, it has been erased. Winter is upon Vancouver and as a proof, it is releasing its first snow on the city. It’s wet snow, of course, and the flurries are barely able to leave their footprint on cold windshields, but it has been falling for a few hours now, making sure that it was noticed by all. Granted, that’s about as bad as the weather will ever get out here. But an emotional barrier has been broken and a vertical safety perimeter, breached.

On the other hand, the North Shore Mountains have been dusted with white powder for a while now, and skiers are rejoicing as the three ski hills have or will start operation imminently. Last night, through a very tormented sky, I caught a glimpse of the snowy peak of Grouse Mountain. It was an amazing sight as nature once again painted itself in the most extraordinary yet subtle shades of a fleeting sunset. I can’t decide which one of the 3 I like best, so here they all are, along with the "morning after" shot.