I know this is a bit redundant since I just added two of these photos to the Black & White gallery; but I really like them and wanted to explain what they are. The sequence was taken from the Seawall, near Siwash Rock, while waiting for the July 1st fireworks. Of course, I used a tripod and exposed for 6 to 8 seconds at max. aperture and a 50 ASA setting, with my dear G3. The local time was around 10:15 pm, or about an hour after sunset. It’s amazing how much light a long exposure will manage to discover and use, since I could barely see the heron with my naked eye in the darkness, and had to focus manually to an arbitrary distance, the camera refusing to focus by itself. On one of the pictures, the heron has a redish face and more details are visible; that effect was the result of a camera flash from a couple of passers-by. Thank god, the beautiful bird must have had Egyptian parents: he always gave me a near perfect profile!

02-12-08 Update: the site’s URL and image locations have since changed. The new B&W gallery is located here.