I might have been running in shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas Eve but winter has finally arrived, nature slamming down its first winter storm on the Northeast like a hand slaps an ace at the table, ending the game.

Jonas arrives with a pedigree, I guess, distinguished heir of a series of blizzards which for your convenience I have documented here.

Marie is quite sick so we kept our afternoon walk short but we could not resist going out. NYC is blessed receiving this on a weekend and people were out, walking through thick snow in the middle of barely cleared streets, enjoying the cold whiteness and soft silence of a city slowing down to a grinding halt. By early evening, public transit has been interrupted, the streets are officially closed and while sixteen inches have already accumulated, up to thirty are expected.

The pictures are rather bad, it was nearly impossible to keep our lenses clean with snow swirling and blowing from all directions.