Once in a while I run into something I really like, a service, a product, a piece of software, a recipe, a movie, something. And then I plug it. Not for the rewards, not for the fame, not for attention but just because I think a compliment costs me nothing and goes a long way. So the opinions expressed hereby are mine solely and most likely biased. After all, I’m from the south of France where objectivity is often replaced by passionate enthusiasm and colorful language. ;-)

A few weeks ago, my sister sent me the link to BetterWorld.com, an online used book reseller with a conscience. I visited them, did a few searches, found an old book I hadn’t seen on any shelf in years and years, and ordered it. It was cheap. Used books should be. They shipped cheap too. Free in the US, $2.97 worldwide. My book took a while to arrive, maybe 10 days. So what, I was in no hurry.

Then a few days ago, their follow up email arrived. I read it and smiled. Well done, I thought. Some humour, some shameless self-promotion, nothing out of this world, just a nice touch. I have bought very expensive stuff on the internet for substantial sums, and rarely does the seller bother with following up. Better World Books did, even for the $3.98 purchase I honored them with. That’s what I call good business. I will buy again.

"Hey Vincent,

We’re just checking in to see if you received your order from Better World Books. If your order hasn’t blessed your mailbox just yet, heads are gonna roll in the Mishawaka warehouse! Seriously though, if you haven’t received your order or are less than 108.8% satisfied, please reply to this message. Let us know what we can do to flabbergast you with service.
Before you resume watching cats playing piano (or books discussing their love lives) on Youtube, we’d really appreciate your help with something. We have one question that we’d like to ask: Would you recommend us to a friend? It will take less than one minute, we promise. Please click here for the survey.
If you’ve really got some gumption, there’s one other thing you can do to help. Become our fan on Facebook by clicking this link. It’s the easiest way to let your friends know that you’re part of our movement to fund literacy by buying books.
Humbly Yours,

The Better World Books Automatically Generated E-mailing Robot
email: [email protected]

Order Number: [removed]

Fund literacy, care for the environment, and get a fair price on the books you want.
BetterWorld.com (http://www.BetterWorld.com/)
2 Million Used Books. Free shipping in the USA, $2.97 worldwide. "