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Chronicles of the Extraordinary. The tale of a never-ending journey, for two.

False alarm on False Creek
September 3, 2008
Always, Photoblogs, Vancouver
I thought it might have been the sunset of the century. I rushed out and ran to the C-shuttle stop only to find a notice of route deviation. So I went to the False Creek...
August 23, 2008
Always, Schtroumpfissime
Darkness rains on troubled days, its drops slowly wetting each hour like as many poisoned pearls sliding down wet sticky hair, headed for the corners of a helpless mouth closed...
A Time Will Come...
August 10, 2008
When patience finally pays off, when the many fruits of a long labor are ripe, when sweet rewards fall from the sky like rain on a hot summer day, when distance is abolished and...
July 24, 2008
Six months ago today was the happiest day of my eventful life. How time flies. The road at our feet still stretches to infinity, winding and in turn obscured by shadows or...
July 10, 2008
Always, Photography
This will be a surprise slide show, unless you are already familiar with 66 Square Feet. My post is merely meant as an echo, because I like to pile up beauty in here until it...
Carpe Diem, when I can
June 23, 2008
Always, Vancouver
Sometimes, unaware, I catch myself complaining. It happened to me last night as I’d gone out to shoot the sunset. I was missing my bokkie. A stubborn layer of clouds was...