The paragliding community just lost a good man.

Xavier Murillo, a well-known French paraglider and author, had been missing in the Andes after a July 1st flight. His body was found today high on the slopes of Huascarán.

Xavier Murillo – Photo: James ‘Kiwi’ Johnson

In such a time of sadness, it is comforting to witness so many strangers coming together to help find a missing comrade. Forums and Facebook pages we launched in real time to reach out to the paragliding world, asking for donations to complement Xavier’s insurance which was insufficient to cover the astronomical costs of air search and rescue.  Hundreds of friends, paraglider pilots and organizations worldwide generously donated to support the search efforts in a remote area of Peru. Kudos to you all.

Much sorrow indeed, and yet he was doing what he loved most. May that ever so slightly comfort those who grieve. He had once tasted flight and would forever walk the earth with his eyes turned skywards, for there he had been and there he would always long to return.