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Google Wave Invites Available!
November 3, 2009
Reviews, Web winks
My Google Wave invites have just been replenished. I've got a few to give away if you are interested. Just ask very nicely. A thoughtful comment would be nice. Or some barter...
The crossing of the Atlantic Antic
October 8, 2009
New York, Photoblogs, Reviews
I'm late. The crossing is long over. 'Been working on the web site and picture processing took a plunge. Anyhoo, here's the deal: Once a year, Atlantic Street is blocked off...
Once Upon a Time, Ennio Morricone
March 19, 2009
Reviews, Schtroumpfissime
I spent last night doing some digging through my audio collection for Marie. We had been talking about eating beans the way Terrence Hill does it in My Name is Nobody - with...