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I either run because I am too impatient to walk or because they promised me a high.

My Name is No Body
June 2, 2013
Photoblogs, Running, South Africa
These shots were taken with the trusty point-and-shoot, hence the silly title to this post. This was unfortunately the only trail run I was able to squeeze in this far, time...
Two Bridges, a Run - Part 2
April 23, 2013
New York, Photoblogs, Running
[This is part 2 of 2] I'm now entering Battery Park and go past the World Financial Center, along North Cove Marina. Runners had been casually showing up around me since...
Two Bridges, A Run - Part 1
April 20, 2013
New York, Photoblogs, Running
Having been spoiled by gems such as Vancouver's Seawall,  I tend to complain and moan about my New York runs. Nothing fresh, nothing green, nothing clean. In addition to normal...
A Trail Run in Immaculate Snow
February 20, 2013
On the road, Running
This was last week-end. While there was surprisingly little snow cover in Québec and the vast fields between Montréal and the U.S. border were more brown than white, our little...