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I either run because I am too impatient to walk or because they promised me a high.

Cool runnings
February 11, 2010
Photoblogs, Running, South Africa
I had meant to post more often about the running routes I've discovered but as always, time is running out (pardon the pun) - we are about to hit the road. But let's see... The...
The Garmin Forerunner on Table Mountain
January 27, 2010
Reviews, Running, South Africa
The first best purchase I ever made towards my running career was a simple pair of running shoes. They were Nike Air Max Assail II trail runners bought for $89 at a highway-side...
La Traversée de Manhattan
January 7, 2010
New York, Running
When one has been bitterly disappointed by the new chic movie of the year, there's nothing like a long run to put things back in perspective. That's what I did Tuesday, abandoning...