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I Crack Myself Up. Laughter, even when self-inflicted, is the greatest cure of them all.

Christmas Cat, Happy
December 25, 2012
Fauna, ICMU, New York
Our cat happens to like wearing things. He mellows out and seems perfectly content. But I can't figure out if he's thinking: "Merry Christmas, peace on earth, good will to all...
All Creatures Great and Small
May 12, 2012
Fauna, ICMU, Photoblogs
Marie and I are not dog people, but... We do get caught "en flagrant délit d'humanité"* as the late Marcel Pagnol put it so well. X-rated PG 13 (Photo Marie...
April Fool's Web Fever
April 1, 2012
ICMU, Web site news
Here are a few of my favorite April 1st web stunts, most discovered by coincidence. I'm so glad to see that serious people still take the time to have fun. Or maybe that's what...