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I Crack Myself Up. Laughter, even when self-inflicted, is the greatest cure of them all.

Tweeting from Space: The NASA Prank
May 22, 2009
ICMU, Web winks
As it turns out, good old astronaut Massimino wasn't actually tweeting from the orbiting space shuttle Atlantis but rather sending emails to Houston where some twit entered them...
New York-Montreal on a tow truck
April 29, 2009
ICMU, Stories
Storytelling, as anybody who's ever attempted it knows so well, is much like painting your house - a matter of love and hate. A painful task if I ever knew one, long hours of...
Vote for me!
October 15, 2008
It's official. Having received unconditional support from my readers today (all three of you, thank you), I have decided to come forward and run. I want my entry into the...