We are back from the Kruger, recovering from a fantastic 5,000 km road trip through South Africa and enjoying Cape Town’s funky winter weather. I now have to sort through close to 3,000 photos and eliminate the many bad and ugly ones, and deliver the goods – the few keepers that will fuel our memories for years.

I will be back in NYC in less than a week, while Marie straggles in the Cape a little longer. Processing these shots will take eons, patience needed. I expect five to ten posts in the newly renamed up-coming Kruger series “Slingshot to Kruger”. Here is a sneak peak (the thing on the sand bar is a crocodile, I’ll have better images of it):

Elephant herd crossing the Letaba River, Kruger National Park

As always, Marie is well ahead of me and already has great pictures up on her blog. Well worth a visit!

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Marie’s recount: Kruger National Park