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Les aventures d'un GO désorganisé disponible chez Amazon.fr
November 19, 2005
Cela aura pris quelques temps, mais Les aventures d'un GO désorganisé est désormais disponible chez les plus grands libraires en ligne. Pour les francophones, cela veut dire qu'il est maintenant possible de le commander sur un site en français! Voyez donc Amazon.fr et Amazon.ca (en plus de Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes & Noble et Borders pour les sites nord-americains en anglais, en plus de l'imprimeur Lulu.)
Life's ups and downs
November 16, 2005
I found a very interesting approach to dealing with life's unavoidable downs in Seth Godin's Understanding Local max. Granted, his article addresses business and marketing issues but it remains quite on target when applied to more generic issues like luck and happiness. In other words, life. He says: "The problem is that to get to [let's call this one the top], you need to go through step [let's call that one the bottom], which is a horrible and scary place to be.&q...
About advertisement
November 10, 2005
If you are a regular visitor of the site, you will probably have noticed an increase in the advertisement throughout the various pages. Rest assured that I am not crossing over to the dark side of the force, but one is forced to admit that maintaining a web site costs money. I'm hoping that these non-obtrusive adds will help cover such a cost. I always make sure to choose adds for products or services that I am using, endorse, or at the very least like and approve of. Mo...
Food for thoughts: discarding is an art
November 6, 2005
"A great piece of art is composed not just of what is in the final piece, but equally important, what is not. It is the discipline to discard what does not fit - to cut out what might have already cost days or even years of effort - that distinguishes the truly exceptional artist and marks the ideal piece of work, be it a symphony, a novel, a painting, a company or, most important of all, a life." [From a Jim Collins article]
Quotes of the day
October 11, 2005
"Use the best: Linux for servers, Mac for graphics, Windows for Solitaire." "At the age of twelve, I began hustling newspapers like many other great Americans had done. The only difference was that they became great."
Firefox Rocks!
October 10, 2005
I've been using the very stable newest beta version of Firefox (1.5 Beta 2) for a few days now and more than ever love my browser. The final release of version 1.5 is expected later this year, but current 1.07 version performs just as well and everyone should check it out. Firefox turns the task of surfing the web into a pleasure. The tabbed browsing is awesome and extremely efficient; you can even reposition your tabs according to your needs. The smart search function hi...
Montreal - The tourist views
October 7, 2005
All right; standing on the edge of anarchy after my last post, I felt compelled to rectify my aim and fall back into the well behaved photographer groove. Here is the mediatic face of a very attractive city, blah-blah-blah...
October 7, 2005
Why always be neat and picky about our photography? Yeah sure, I usually consider the rule of thirds to be my bible and spend an eternity refining my angles and framing and light and exposure and composition and... wait a minute! Spontaneous is good too! Snapshots retain more of a subject's life, they convey better motion, and less calculation. Here are two that I'm fond of. The first is a self-portrait during one of those very calculated panoramic photo sessions, where...
New skin for the blog
October 5, 2005
The new blog look is a result of an experiment conducted way too late at night... It isn't final but reflects the emerging tendency to adopt lighter tones for the site. [To be continued when I've slept a little...]