Introducing a new entry category (ya’ know, those categories we assign to each post, usually listed at the bottom of an entry and which mostly make us look like we are organized and thorough? Someone I know who is really witty calls them "pigeon holes"), re-morphed from the initial "Cool" which now only applies to things real and tangible. Web winks, to be pronounced with a foreign accent that would mistakenly turn an "L" into a "W", will address all web-related finds, focusing on what out there is new, interesting, funny, outrageous, amazing, geeky or just plain and simple there.

Today’s snippets are rather simple. A couple of quotes from TOP, which were part of a much longer series of posts reviewing and ranking modern cameras but work surprisingly well out of context and manage to make me smile at a much needed time.

"… The obsessive study of camera equipment is the very best way I know to completely avoid committing acts of photography…"

"… And, contra to what I just said two paragraphs ago, when you want to take pictures, having a camera with you is infinitely better than not having a camera with you…"

And then there’s the following classic. I feel almost embarrassed to post it here because it’s been around for a long time and I can’t even attribute it, not knowing where it came from. But again, it still serves its purpose and makes me smile. A great achievement if you ask me. :-)