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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Cool

Coriolistic Anachronisms - Cool


Polar planets

Last night I saw urban planets. Let me explain. I went for a run around False Creek because the wind was howling and venturing on the Seawall would have meant big waves and unexpected saltwater showers. I had the fierce Canon G10 with me, in…

The Macro Experiment – Part 1

Well kids, we’ll start today’s class with a trivia: can anyone tell me what this photo is? The Frenchies among you are at an advantage, but you won’t know that until later… Can’t guess? Just read on then… A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon…

Dancing on walls

They think out of the box. They have guts, grace and trust their lines. Where we see a wall they have a playground. A window becomes a challenge, the sidewalk a parterre. They are the Aeriosa Dance Society. For some reason, as I watched them…

Beat It! (Running with Music)

After careful analysis of my many cramps, side aches, crashes, morale low’s, mood swings, mediocre results, motivation deprivation and various other technical factors, I’ve concluded that: I run more often in my head than out there; I run faster if I have something in the…